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For 2017 on site sales, the nursery will be open on April 8th - September 23rd 2017.

We also actively encourage customers to arrange appointments at mutually convenient times throughout the year, particularly if you envisage a sizeable order.

April- September Thurs - Sat 9.30am-4.30pm

We are no longer open on Sundays

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Events for 2017

Gardens Illustrated Festival

Cornwall Garden Society Show Saturday
Nursery Opens Saturday
RHS Event Woodland WalkSaturday08.04.17
Fota Plant FairSunday23.04.17
WHGT Plant Fair Saturday 29.04.17
NGS Open Garden Saturday 27.05.17
North Wales Festival of Gardens  Saturday

Tregrehan Plant Fair

Sunday 04.06.17
Murabilia Plant Fair, ItalyFriday
RHS Event Last Collecting ExpeditionSaturday 23.09.17
Nursery Closes


We take part and host many events during the year, please see the list for details.
RHS - Woodland Walk at Crûg
Saturday 15th April 2017

We are constantly being told that many of you are unable to attend our RHS events during the week due to work commitments. We have taken this onboard and moved the events to a time which we hope will appeal to you.

This is an afternoon event where we will stroll through the woodland and gardens looking at all the new plants that are coming through after the dark winter. Tea and cake is included in the cost of the ticket.

Time of event: 14.00pm – 17.00pm
Cost: Members: £10.00 Non-members: £12.00

A taste of what is to be seen:-

Polygonatum stenanthum Heloniopsis umbellata 3732
Polygonatum stenanthum

Beesia calthifolia

Heloniopsis umbellata

The woodland gardens at Crûg are really coming into their own establishing well after only a few years, this long abandoned area was cleared and planted just over a decade ago in 2004. Irrigation (of the most basic kind) was essential and timely as the first few summers were exceptionally hot and dry. Yes it is North Wales we are talking about. This coastal strip only receivers a fraction of the rain that falls (cascades) within spitting distance, of only 4-5 miles inland, onto the panoramic view which stretches all along the eastern horizon, that is Snowdonia. In short a rain shadow. The moist air from the nearby Menai Strait helps to keep the atmosphere cool and moist, hence woodland plantings such as Heloniopsis thrive here. The paths that are edged by raised beds are lined with these rosette forming scented lily relatives, coming into flower as early as March, extending their flowering scapes as the spring progresses availing a progressive display in shades of white through pinks and blues, until May. These areas are shared by numerous other woodlanders, such as Glaucidium palmatum with fresh green palmate leaves forming a perfect foil for the extraordinary Paeonia-like flowers in shades of pink to lilac or even the occasional white. While above them the unfolding fresh foliage of some of the maples are forming their own display, here we are growing such recently described species as Acer duplicatoserratum B&SWJ 6886 one of several Taiwanese maples that can be seen with their freshly emerging foliage. All of these appreciating the protection from sharp easterly wind funnelling down from Snowdon itself, afforded by some of the evergreen shade tolerant shrubs such as the Aucuba japonica 'Salicifolia', which have been lifting the spirits of the area with their bright red fruit in the darkest months of the year, complimenting the long narrow glossy leaves free of the ubiquitous yellow spotting that the Victorians coveted. Accompanied by highly scented Skimmia another first rate evergreen shade tolerant shrub for a spring flowering display. As is Sarcococca, which in this woodland garden is accompanied by its close relative, Pachysandra axialis 'Crûg's Cover' a first rate evergreen ground covering coloniser with scented flowers similar in style to its close relative with the bonus of bright red peculiarly horned fruit.

Welsh Historic Garden Trust Plant Fair
Saturday 29th April 2017

This is a date that should not be missed. In addition to all of the features of our open gardens during the National Garden Scheme, specialist nurseries and garden related crafts from all over the country are invited to participate. While the WHGT will be serving home-made country fare, throughout the day, with the added attraction of cream teas. On this event the gates open at 10am and we finish at 4pm.

There is a modest entry fee for adults and free parking.  The event is well advertised and has attracted visitors from far afield. It is rare for anyone to leave empty handed!


Murabilia Flower Show at Lucca ITALY
Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd September 2017

See for more information.

awards from italy

We are delighted to have been invited to return to Lucca again this year .

We are building up a strong following in Lucca and of course the hospitality is all that one could expect in such a warm hearted area of Tuscany.

We will be happy to take orders out to Italy, please take advantage of the opportunity to save on transportation costs. Orders must be with us by Wednesday 23rd August as we will be leaving home the following day.

RHS - Collecting in northern Vietnam spring 2017
Saturday 23rd September 2017

There will be an illustrated talk on plant collecting on our latest expedition to Vietnam, in March - April of this year. After lunch we shall walk through the grounds and growing areas to look at the plants we have collected

Morning coffee and afternoon tea is included in the cost of the ticket. Please bring a packed lunch.

Time of event: 10.30am – 5pm
Cost: Members: £20.00, Non-members: £25.00


Join Bleddyn and Sue in the mountains of northern Vietnam searching for plants that are new to cultivation here in the UK. We will discuss our joint expedition with University of British Colombia (Vancouver) to set up a conservation area in the Y Ty area, close to the Chinese border. As well as our independent exploits there, searching for new species of Aspidistra.  

There will be an hour break for lunch (remember to bring your packed lunch), with hopefully an opportunity to admire the panoramic views of Snowdonia and discuss what we have seen so far. In addition there will also be an opportunity to tour the gardens while discussing the merits of our collections.



We will be selling plants at the following venues during  2017 
If you would like us to bring orders for you to collect at any of these venues please contact us well in advance.

Gardens Illustrated Festival

Westonbirt School, Tetbury, GL8 8QG

Saturday & Sunday 

25th & 26th March

Cornwall Garden Society Spring Flower Show

at Boconnoc Estate, Lostwithiel, Cornwall. PL22 0RQ

Saturday & Sunday 

1st & 2nd April

Fota Plant Fair 

Fota House and Gardens, Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork. Republic of Ireland

Sunday 23rd April

North Wales Garden Festival

Across North Wales

Saturday 27th May to Sunday 4th June

Tregrehan Garden Rare Plant Fair

Tregrehan Garden, Tregrehan, Par, Cornwall, PL24 2SJ

Sunday 4th June

Murabilia Flower Show  

Lucca, Italy

Friday, Saturday & Sunday  

1st, 2nd & 3rd September


TALKS 2017

If your club or society would like to organise a talk by us please don't hesitate to contact us.

Kew Mutual Improvement Society,  

'Collecting in the Mountains of Northern Vietnam'

Jodrell Lecture Theatre, RBG Kew, Richmond, London

6 - 7pm

Monday 30th January

Garden and Landscape Designers Association Seminar 

'The designed garden - Completing the picture'

We will be talking about how many of the plants now familiar in gardens were discovered and the new introductions to come in the future.

20th April

Blarney Castle and Gardens

A talk about our most recent plant hunting expeditions.

Blarney, Cork, Ireland.

Date to be confirmed

Tregrehan Gardens Rare Plant Fair

'Our most recent plant hunting expeditions'

Tregrehan Gardens, Tregrehan, Par, Cornwall, PL24 2SJ

Sunday 4th June

Murabilia Flower Show  

Lucca, Italy

3rd September

RHS Event Our Last Collecting Expedition

Crûg Farm Plants

23th September

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