New 2014 & 2015 Introductions

Introductions primarily from our own wild seed collections divided into 4 sections.



2013 & 14 have seen many changes here, the most visible was the ending of printing our annual plant list. Of the questionnaire sent out with our 2013 list less than 5% positive responses were returned, hence our conclusion that up to 95% were binned.
The lack of any form of updated listing last year was primarily due to a continuation of staff recruting problems mentioned before, thankfully that situation is resolved, we have been able to recruit a strong team. This was more than compounded by our connectivity problems. The working year started as we lost our connection on the first working day of the year, without being re-connected for three weeks. Even after being connected it was off and on continuously. BT have a monopoly on isolated properties such as ours, although they send a stream of engineers here, each one has a different approach rendering the previous engineers work redundant. Hence nothing improves. Sue and I had to concentrate on production rather than communication, so it remains to be see how successful we are.
Not that we have been idle, 2013 saw another Chelsea Gold and as you may notice in this list there are more European collections being added, via Spain, Italy and France. Visiting our widening customer base across Europe, primarily through the Lucca Flower Show every September. Not being ones to allow opportunities to pass, we are getting our teeth into the North American flora too, as the opportunities arise while lecturing all along the Pacific West Coast of North America. Consequently our 2014 expedition had to be delayed until January 2015.
Then last and by no means least there were very successful expeditions to Sikkim and West Bengal in 2013 with our friends and colleagues Finlay Colley and Koen Van Poucke. There are some gems already creeping into the list. While Chelsea 2014 was exhilarating, the RHS judging was nothing short of shameful. Instead of admitting they did not understand Sophie Walker’s inspired design (as lapped up by television) they marked it down. Our feedback from the judges was jaw-dropping. I quote ‘’ Your exhibit hardly compliments the (barbecue) trade stand next to you’’.
Don’t forget we accept appointments all year round to collect containerised plants or select open ground plants for lifting at a mutually convenient time. Our sales area will not be open over the winter months, but the plants are accessible to our staff.
Please note our OPENING HOURS reflecting the need to open our gates earlier in the day for visitors staying locally. For those of our customers who are unable to visit the nursery we are offering an online shopping experience, with deliveries throughout the UK and EU, from . Where there are search facilities by many criteria (i.e. colour), as well as by plant name, while indicating availability, pot sizes and prices.
Our new carrier, DelSol (APC) offer an overnight fragile service, which should have your plants delivered in fresh condition before 5.30pm the following day to dispatch (UK). We have specially made boxes in 3 sizes giving us the option of dispatching plants from 30cm (1ft) to 295cm (10ft) tall. Our carriage charges are by the box, (volume not weight) hence please consider ordering enough plants to fill a box, rather than one plant as the carriage charge would be the same. There is no minimum charge for the plants purchased.
For additional queries on plant availability etc contact Sue at . We try our best to reply to any queries, a brief e-mail can be the surest way of a prompt reply. For any other information visit our nursery website via where there is additional information on our events, accommodation and some seasonal plantings.
Collector’s References

These combination of initials and numbers are accession numbers that are assigned to collections we and others gather from wild populations from all over the world. These are assigned to each collection as they are made to enable interested parties to track their origins.

B&L       C.D. Brickell & A.C. Leslie
BSWJ     Bleddyn & Sue Wynn-Jones
BWJ       Bleddyn Wynn-Jones
CNDSC    C. Nelson & D. Sayers
CWJ       Finlay Colley & Bleddyn Wynn-Jones
DJH       Daniel J. Hinkley (followed by country and year code)
EDHCH   Eric Hammond China 1997
FMWJ    A. Floden, T. Mitchell & B. Wynn-Jones, Vietnam 2011
GWJ      Sally Goddard, B. & S. Wynn-Jones
GUIZ      Guizhou Expedition (1985)
HWJ       Crûg-Heronswood Joint Expeditions, Vietnam
HWJCM  Crûg-Heronswood Joint Expedition, E. Nepal 1995
HWJK     Crûg-Heronswood Joint Expedition, E. Nepal 2002
KR          Keith Rushforth
KWJ       Crûg-World of Ferns Joint Expedition Vietnam 2007
MF          Maurice Foster
RH          M. Rickard & R. Hayward
RWJ       Crûg-Rickard’s Ferns Joint Expedition to Taiwan 2003
SEP        Swedish Expedition to Pakistan
WJC       Crûg-Rare Plants Ireland Joint Expedition Sikkim 2013
WWJ       Peter Wharton & Bleddyn Wynn-Jones, Vietnam 2006-7
Yu          Tse-tsun Yu



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